2011 Backblaze Holiday Party


On Thursday, 12/12/2011 Backblaze had a small holiday party in San Mateo.   It was in the restaurant "Kingfish" in San Mateo, in the basement.


In the picture below, on the far far left below is Kirk who hadn't had his first day yet, his wife ??, Katherine, Ali, Tim, Sean's wife Mariana, Yev standing up, KC2, Ken, ??, Jim, SBrian, ?? standing up behind SBrian, Natasha, Katia, Gleb, Casey, Evelyn, Billy, and Brian took the photo so is not in the picture.


In the picture below, Evelyn, Billy, Yev, Kirk, Kirk's wife.


In the picture below, Tim (far left huge face in picture), Ken at head of table, Jim, SBrian, ??, Natasha, Katia, Gleb half cut off.



And that's it!


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