2008 Kitty Cat and Puppy Dog



Kitty Cat "Fido" and Puppy Dog "Chou Chou":

The kitty cat pictured here has the name of "Fido". The puppy dog has the name of "Chou Chou" (pronounced "Shoo Shoo") which is French for "cutie pie".  They belong to my friend Katherine who doesn't have her own web page so I put this one up.  Fido is a Singapura cat. The Singapura is a distant cousin to the Burmese.  Chou Chou is a Papillon dog. The Papillon is the one of the oldest of the toy Spaniel breeds.   Click on any picture for a much larger version. 


Below is Fido sitting on his shelf on the wall.  The shelf and the thing in the corner is a "Kitty Condo" built by http://www.catsplay.com/ which makes these solid and nice looking kitty wall climbing furniture.  Notice there are no visible brackets!


Here is a zoomed out picture showing more of the cat furniture bolted to the wall.  Fido (the kitty) is happily sitting in one of the half-pipes. 


Here is the kitty playing on more wall furniture after we installed it on 9/30/08.  The "wall-o-kitty-furniture" is pretty much done now.


Fido the kitty walking up his wall the other direction.  Picture taken much later around 5/31/2010.


Fido playing with a stuffed toy named "Spot".  Picture taken around June, 2008.


Below is Fido playing with spot later once full grown (picture below taken about 9/30/08).  Same stuffed animal, same kitty, just different kitty size.  :-)


Fido the kitty sitting in more kitty wall furniture that isn't mounted on the wall yet.


Young Fido (picture taken around June 2008).


A young Fido playing with a toy.


Introducing the puppy Chou Chou, the Fido cat's new brother.  He was born on August 9th, 2008.  Here he is the first day home at Katherine's apartment on 10/4/08.  Chou Chou asleep in his puppy bed:


Fido (the cat) checking out his new brother Chou Chou (the puppy).


Below is a picture that internally was dated 9/9/2008 so it was taken by the breeder very early in Chou Chou's life.


Chou Chou the puppy chewing on some of his toys.


Chou Chou crashed out on the couch with his eyes almost shut.


A happy Chou Chou the puppy buried in toys playing.


Fido (the cat) taking a nap side by side with Chou Chou (the puppy).  Chou Chou is asleep on Mommy's phone:


Below is proud mommy Katherine Chung holding her 8 week old puppy Chou Chou.


Below is a 3 minute Youtube video of Chou Chou the papillon puppy playing with Casey Jones.  For WINDOWS ONLY click here for a much higher quality version.


Below is picture taken by Katherine on her cell phone of Chou Chou sleeping cuddled up next to Fido for warmth.


On 10/16/08 the Backblaze office babysat Chou Chou for a few hours.  Below is Chou Chou asleep on Damon's desk while Damon works.


Some pictures taken on 11/21/08, below is Chou Chou playing with the stuffed dog again.


Below Chou Chou the Papillion puppy is sleeping peacefully next to Fido the cat.


Same as above, Chou Chou sleeping cuddled up next to Fido for warmth.


More taken around 12/24/08.  Below is Fido the cat in a green sweater. 


Chou Chou in a red sweater:


Chou Chou in a green sweater.


Chou Chou reaches up to bite Fido playfully in the ear.


In the picture below Chou Chou has Fido's ear in his mouth (very normal), and Fido is yawning. 


Fido playing in boxes.


Same as above, close up.


Chou Chou and Fido napping with their mommy (Katherine) on the couch.


Below is a 50 second YouTube video of the Kitty and Puppy playing with a puff ball suspended from a string.  If you are on a Mac, click here for a high quality QuickTime Version.


Chou Chou has a dog walking service, here he is with his pals on a walk:


Chou Chou with his friend a Golden Lab.


The dog pack waiting to get out of the car (Chou Chou on far left).


Fido's ear swelled up one day like a balloon, and the vet had to put in a tube to keep it drained and he had to wear a cone for two weeks.  Here he is on 9/20/09 after wearing the cone for 4 days.  He's laying on the couch, and his ear is looking a lot better.


Fido just randomly chose to sit on the head of the wooden bear in the sunshine.  Notice he is wearing his cone.


Below is a 75 second YouTube video of Chou Chou the dog licking the kitty's ears and face.  If you are on a Mac, click here for a high quality QuickTime Version.  The cat was wearing a cone because he had ear surgery, and his brother (the Papillion dog) was very gentle with him and helps clean him while he was recovering.


On 9/23/09 Chou Chou and some of his friends had a slumber party.   From left to right that is Riley (Daschund/Chihuahua mix), Chou Chou (Papillon), in back is Mr. T (Yorkie) and on the far right front is Tuesday (Brussels Griffon).


Chou Chou with his dog walking friends on 10/6/09.


Chou Chou looks out the window at the beach in Pacifica in early February, 2010.


Chou Chou and Fido on the deck in Pacifica on 5/22/2010.


Same day (5/22/10) Fido laying out alone sleeping in the sun.


On 12/29/2010 Fido got an X-ray for a limp he had for several weeks, it shows his back kitty hip is out of socket:


Fido's surgery was on Friday, Jan 14th, 2011 and the X-ray below shows AFTER the surgery what was done.


Fido came home from the surgery doped up on pain killers, but walking around.  Here he is walking around five days later off of pain killers.


A close up of Fido's shaved butt and the incision.


Here Fido the cat is doing his rehabilitation exercises with help from Mommy.  (These are to make sure his leg stays stretched out and doesn't knot up too much.)  Fido is a surprisingly good sport about all of this, he seems to like the attention.


Life isn't all that bad for Fido in spite of his ordeals, this is where he lives and hangs out.


The kitty hanging out on the railing.


Below is a totally silly 30 second YouTube video of Chou Chou the Papillon madly digging in the sand at the beach.  If you are on a Windows PC, click here for a high quality Windows Media Version.  There is nothing to find, Chou Chou just gets obsessed about holes he creates.


On March 19, 2011, Chou Chou was introduced to snow for the first time.  Below are two pictures.


Behind Chou Chou is Sampson, who was also along on the trip.


On November 6, 2011 "Pixie" was born (might be "Stevie" since Steve Jobs might be reincarnated in her), here are pictures from right after she was born (Katherine did not own her yet).  Picture below from the breeder before Katherine ever met her.

Another of Pixie:


Pictures of Pixie on 1/3/2012, picture from breeder.



January 7th, 2012, Ayako took this picture of Katherine and Chou Chou in Berkeley Park:


1/23/2012 - Chou Chou with one eye open like a pirate:


We took delivery of Pixie on Saturday, 2/4/2012 in the San Francisco airport.  Harold (on the left) delivered her.  Katherine holds Pixie (on the right).  Harold turned around and got on a plane home immediately.


Katherine holding Pixie the kitten in the San Francisco airport.


Below is a video of Pixie at home for the first time.  Click Here for a High Quality Original in QuickTime format (probably will not play on a Windows PC).


Pixie the kitten meets Chou Chou the dog (his adoptive brother) in Katherine's lap.  Chou Chou was a sweet heart, wouldn't make eye contact and would move away slowly if Pixie hissed.


Katherine wanted Pixie to be acclimated to her, so she carried Pixie around in her hoodie sweatshirt.  Pixie would mostly sleep totally covered up this way, but below Pixie is peeking out of Katherine's sweatshirt.


Katherine pulling her hoodie open to show how Pixie sleeps.


Chou Chou getting to know Pixie, spending time close to each other.  Notice how Chou Chou won't look at the kitty, when he does the kitty will "hiss" at him.


Chou Chou seeing the young kitten Pixie on the couch.


Pixie walking a window ledge on February 10th, 2012.


On March 24, 2012 all three of the animals (Chou Chou, Fido, Pixie) sitting together wanting food from Katherine:


A little video taken on March 26th, 2012 showing how Chou Chou the dog is getting along with Pixie the new kitten.  In the (boring) 30 second video Chou licks Pixie's ears and Pixie puts up with it.   Click Here for a High Quality Original in QuickTime format (probably will not play on a Windows PC).


On 4/15/2012 Fido came home at night with a gash on his face and an claw torn out, here he is the next day after the vet repaired him:


On 4/16/2012 here is Pixie sleeping crashed out across her bed.


Pixie got "fixed" on 6/9/2012, here she is back from surgery with a shaved belly.


Below is a close up of Pixie's shaved belly, with blue green tattoos so if she is ever found, they know she is "fixed".


Chou Chou on 8/24/2012:


Below is the last picture of Fido the cat (taken on a cell phone) taken on October 30, 2012.  Fido passed away a day or two after this picture was taken, hit by a car.  Fido was 4 years and 8 months old.


On 9/24/2012 Katherine found Pixie hiding in the cupboard:




12/10/2012 - Monday - at 10am we picked up a new kitty named "Tofu" (born August 28th, 2012) from the San Francisco Airport, here he is on the ride home:


Another picture of Tofu on the same drive:


On 12/11/2012 (the next day) here is Tofu finding his food bowl for the first time.  His tail is very long, but he is super cute.


Later that same day (12/11/2012) Tofu is playing with Pixie:


A couple days later on 12/13/2012 Tofu is not afraid of Chou Chou like the other cats were:


Tofu resting peacefully on Mommy's lap.


Tofu and Pixie in the same one house together.


Tofu is kind of annoying to Pixie:


Below is a video with clips over the first week Tofu came to us, movie completed on 12/17/2012, it is called "Meet Tofu the Kitten".  Click Here for a really high quality original in QuickTime (probably will not play on Microsoft Windows):


On 12/18/2012 here is Tofu and Chou Chou together:


On 12/21/2012 here are all three together: Tofu, Pixie, and Chou Chou all taking a nap.


On 12/21/2012 Tofu in the blanket.


A very sad note: we realized something was wrong with Tofu (hiding, seemed unsteady on his feet) and took him to the pet emergency room the night of Wednesday, January 23, 2013.  Tofu was diagnosed with the wet form of FIP.  It is a horrible disease that affects 1 in 5,000 households with cats, and (at this point in time) was 100 percent fatal in all cases.  The cats are not in pain, but they waste away within a few weeks.  They have no energy, mostly just sit and sleep and don't even want to eat or drink.  Below Tofu is offered the most delicious food to entice him to eat, but he just sits quietly in his house.


Katherine began feeding Tofu with a syringe.  She squirts a tiny bit of the most tasty food into his side cheek, and he kind of licks and swallows it.  It works very well, does not choke the kitty.  But after a few days Tofu doesn't even bother to swallow and allows it to drip out the side of his mouth.


A close up of Tofu on 1/28/2013:


1/28/2013 - Monday - at 3pm - Tofu passed away after only 5 short months of life.  He had FIP which is always fatal within a few weeks. We had the adorable little guy for only 48 days.  :-(


3/7/2013 - woke up in the morning to the dog and cat (Chou Chou and Pixie) sharing a bed, they both have been calmer and melancholy since Tofu departed...


4/29/2013 - Pixie in the bathroom window box (the box prevents bugs from coming into the bathroom, it is covered in bug screen).


Chou Chou's face says "HELP ME!" as Katherine gives him a bath.  Pixie looks over the scene with cold detached amusement.


3/08/2014 - Chou Chou and Tuesday on a walk on Saturday


Sunday, 6/29/2014 - we brought the dog's car seat inside for the night and Pixie the kitty cat found it and perched like this all night:


On Fri/Sat 7/21/2014 we took a break from the Pacifica fog and stayed in Palo Alto at the Garden Court Hotel which is dog friendly.  Below is Chou on the bed:


8/11/2014 - Clayton Tallman took Chou Chou to his house for a walk, here they are napping:


On 10/7/2014 Pixie sat on Chou Chou's head:


On Halloween 10/31/2014 here is Chou Chou ready to Trick or Treat, plus he is very tired:


Another with Pixie looking over Chou Chou's shoulder:


11/10/2014 - Before Brian and Katherine go to see the Aurora Borealis in Fairbanks Alaska, Chou Chou gets a bath to be clean for the dog sitter Ingrid.


Chou Chou isn't a fan of taking baths, but he allows it.


On Christmas morning December 25, 2014 this was the scene outside (notice Pixie the cat in the window):


Close up of Pixie in the window:


On 3/15/2015 we bought three new cat trees and blue fencing in preparation for two new kittens joining our family.  Pixie likes the cat trees:


On 3/27/2015 we flew to Vancouver Canada to pick up two new Singapura Kittens: Cooper and Bentley.  Click Here for a web page about that trip.  We adopted "Bentley" and "Cooper" from Jana Baldwin. Bentley and Cooper both share the same father who is "Fagervoll James Bond of Katzalano". Bentley's mother is: "Katzalano I Love Lucy" and Cooper's mother is "Katzalano See Forever Eyes" aka Ava. Bentley was born on December 9th, 2014 and Cooper was born on December 14, 2014.  In the picture below (taken on 3/28/2015) Bentley (on the left) weighed in at 3 pounds and 3 1/2 ounces and Cooper weighed in at 2 pounds and 11 1/2 ounces.


On 4/9/2015 - Cooper "cat loafing" next to Pixie sleeping.  Pixie is beginning to accept the kittens around without complaining.


A few days later on 4/13/2015 same two kitties:


The morning of 4/14/2015 all four animals together on Brian's lap.


On Tuesday, April 14, Katherine took Bentley and Cooper to get the last of their kitten shots (A combination vaccine that includes feline distemper, rhinotracheitis, and calicivirus. Some may also include Chlamydophila.) Unfortunately, Cooper had conjunctivitis and the vet decided that we needed to wait (we waited on both kittens).   Here are their weights from the vet visit: Bentley: 3 lbs 12 oz Cooper: 2 lbs 13 oz.


On April 18, 2015 Bentley and Cooper played games on the iPad, a movie is below.  Click here for the highest quality version.


On 11/4/2015 Katherine was sitting under an electric blanket to stay warm, and the three cats Pixie, Cooper, and Bentley all enjoyed sitting with her:


A month later on 12/7/2015 after the Backblaze Company Holiday Party Katherine is tired:


The picture below was taken on 10/16/2016.  In the picture is Pixie, but Cooper is the one who carries stuffed toys from anywhere he finds them and puts them in his food bowl.  That's a Pokemon character toy that is half the size of the cats he dragged up there.


On 11/10/2016 - Thursday - I walked by Cooper and Bentley sleeping / nodding off curled up together for warmth:


On 11/15/2016 - Tuesday - Cooper, Bentley, Pixie, and Chou Chou all on Katherine:


Movie taken by Katherine on Jan 3, 2017 shows Bentley "beeping" when he wants "lovies" (petting).  Click here for highest quality original.


4/15/2017 - Saturday - Pixie in her cat cave (brand: "Cozy Cave Pet Bed"):


8/4/2017 - Kitty sitting like a derp (I walked by and saw him like this and took a picture with a flash):


11/16/2018 - Ava joined our family in November of 2018.  More pictures of Ava here.


12/23/2018 - Katherine at Brian's work with Ava and Chou Chou:


1/3/2019 - First Thursday at Fort Funston.  Ava jumping up on a log:


New cat tree in front of the cat wheel on 1/28/2019.


1/26/2019 - the cats got a new path up to the loft:



5/5/2019 - Ava in the Backblaze office:


5/22/2019 - Chou Chou and Ava play in the grass.  Original Video here.


Below is a Katherine selfie driving with Ava and Chou Chou in the car on 8/10/2019.


Ava in the Backblaze office on 8/11/2019:


Ava hanging out in the cat tree:


Even higher...


12/21/2019 - Ava spends a lot of time "vulturing" on the back of the couch like this:


Reminds me of a very old Snoopy cartoon, where Snoopy (dog) would pretend to be a "vulture":


3/15/2020 - Katherine post-surgery with frozen peas over her eyes with all three cats:


On 7/20/2020 - Chou Chou is hiding inside the deck couch because it is very hot outside by the swimming pool:



I woke up early one morning on October 7, 2020, and found the cat sitting calmly on the heat resistant pad on the kitchen table:


1/5/2021 - In our new rental home in Austin Texas, Katherine put these "cat window seats" against the glass wall.  The cats like it.


1/18/2021 - I have a cat carrier basket on my comfortable chair in my Austin home office, I found these two like this.  It's Bentley and Cooper (the brothers).


1/5/2021 - Two cats in window facing hammocks, they like the Texas sun warmth:


7/27/2021 - I setup the cantilevered cat tree in the corner of my home office, and mounted a new hex pod Katherine bought from Etsy. Bentley or Pixie often spend the night in the new hex pod.


7/28/2021 - Pixie sleeping in the clear hex pod:


2/21/2022 - Brian and Katherine were out, so Ava stole some Cheddar Cheese Nips and ate them with Chou Chou.  Highest quality.


That's it!


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