Brian's Ski Epic

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Everything below here is the original ski-epic:

Brian's Travel Route:

(Click on map to zoom in.)


A car, a pair of skis, and 86 days of freedom.



Ski Epic Statistics:In Association with


Itinerary and Day By Day Log:

Click here to see "on location" blurbs as they happened each day. Click here for a summary of my itinerary.



Whistler gallery, Clarkston gallery, Sun Valley gallery, Albuquerque gallery, Eli's Motorcycle Trip, Taos gallery, Paige Taos Accident, Santa Fe gallery, Purgatory gallery, Telluride gallery1, Steamboat gallery, Boulder Area gallery, Winter Park/Mary Jane gallery, Breckenridge gallery, Copper Mountain gallery, Keystone gallery, Arapahoe Basin gallery, Telluride Tune and Tour gallery, Telluride gallery2, Ostentatious Log Cabins of the Filthy Stinking Rich in Telluride, Hike Up Telluride's Gold Hill, Dinner with Johnny Rotten, 221 Oak Street, Telluride gallery 3, Vail gallery, Snowmass gallery, Aspen Highlands gallery, My Spooky Trip Through Area 51 (with Space Aliens and Mutilated Cows), Mammoth gallery, Debbi and Mike in Thousand Oaks gallery, Jim and Judy Young in Santa Barbara gallery, Mom and Dad's House gallery, Willamette Pass gallery, Hoodoo gallery, Bachelor gallery, Bachelor gallery 2, Random Oregon gallery, Northstar gallery, Squaw gallery.


Thoughts and Rants:

Why Stairs To Every Bathroom?, Helmets Laws for Skiers, Only One Way to See America, Senior Citizen Skiers.


Ski Log:

11/27/98 Alpine Meadows First day of the season!
11/28/98 Alpine Meadows
12/25/98 Kirkwood Xmas
12/26/98 Alpine Meadows  
1/23/99 Snowbird First day in Utah.
1/24/99 Alta 12" fresh powder that fell overnight!
1/25/99 The Canyons HUGE resort, got fresh tracks in 18 inches of powder in sunshine. Awesome day.
1/30/99 Whistler First day on the snow in Canada, fresh snow, a little sunshine.
1/31/99 Blackcomb TONS of snow, fell all day long, marginal visibility
2/1/99 Blackcomb (Day 10) More and more snow, top closed due to high winds.
2/2/99 Whistler Packed up, checked out of condo, then skied Whistler once more.
2/6/99 Sun Valley First day at Sun Valley, icy rain chased me off the slopes early.
2/7/99 Sun Valley 18 inches of powder, sweet day.
2/10/99 Sun Valley Skied in sunshine, then headed south to Albuquerque.
2/13/99 Taos Skied in sunshine, Paige whacks her skull.
2/14/99 Taos More sunshine.
2/15/99 Taos Hiked up to the ridge to ski Juarez double black.
2/18/99 Santa Fe Ramey and I skied in the sunshine.
2/20/99 Purgatory Skied Purgatory, Colorado.
2/21/99 Telluride (Day 20) First day in Telluride! Kind of hard pack.
2/23/99 Steamboat Skied on a day old 8 inch drop, very nice.
2/24/99 Steamboat Skied in sunshine, hiked up to Christmas Tree Bowl
2/25/99 Winter Park In the Boulder area
2/27/99 Breckenridge A little windy, but nice.
2/28/99 Copper AND Keystone Skied Copper Mountain during the day, then night skiing at Keystone!
3/1/99 Arapahoe Basin Skied morning at Arapahoe, then drove to Telluride.
3/3/99 Telluride Got the tune and tour from Lance. Great day in the sunshine.
3/8/99 Telluride Fresh powder for my return to Telluride!
3/9/99 Telluride Man, that powder went fast! Icy and cruddy today.
3/10/99 Telluride (Day 30) Skied with Ken and Lise.
3/12/99 Telluride Fresh powder!
3/13/99 Telluride More fresh powder, hiked up Gold Hill.
3/14/99 Telluride Skied in the sunshine!
3/15/99 Telluride Skied wth Lise and Lance, snow's getting hard-pack, spring conditions.
3/17/99 Telluride Skied with Lise. Spring slush, warm weather.
3/18/99 Telluride Skied. Kind of overcast.
3/19/99 Telluride Skied. Balmy weather, good spring snow conditions.
3/21/99 Telluride Serious slush, TONS of sunshine, a few rocks.
3/22/99 Telluride Big sunshine, little snow. My last day at Telluride unless it snows!
3/24/99 Vail (Day 40) Big sunshine, big slopes, big slushy conditions. Some pictures.
3/25/99 Vail More big sunshine.
3/26/99 Snowmass AND Aspen Highlands Snowmass in the morning (pictures), Aspen Highlands in the afternoon (pictures).
3/29/99 Mammoth Mammoth in the sunshine (pictures).
3/31/99 Mammoth 18 inches of fresh Mammoth powder! Got sick, almost killed me. :-)
4/3/99 Mammoth (Day 45) Skied Mammoth GREAT POWDER, then drove to Debbi and Mike's in L.A.
4/10/99 Willamette Pass Skied 18 inches of fresh Oregon powder. Click here for pictures.
4/11/99 Hoodoo Skied in the sunshine. Click here for pictures.
4/13/99 Bachelor Skied in the sun. Click here for pictures.
4/14/99 Bachelor More sun!
4/16/99 Bachelor (*** DAY 50 ***) That's "fifty days", baby! Skied in the sunshine.
4/17/99 Bachelor Last ski day of the sabbatical. Spring Oregon conditions.
4/24/99 Northstar Spring Tahoe Trip! Click here for pictures.
4/25/99 Sqaw Spring Tahoe Trip! Click here for more pictures.


Ski Terms:

Techie Stuff:

I have some electronic gear along to help build this WWW site and to stay wired while on the road. Click here to find out about it. In addition, several people have asked about the technical details of this web site such as what kind of machine is and where is it, etc. Click here to find out all about this.

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